About Us

Gemma Church

Gemma Church

Is “the freelance writer who gets tech“.

With two degrees in physics, a previous life as a software developer and 15 years’ experience in science writing, she became increasingly frustrated with the complicated language used to describe some outstanding principles in science and tech. So, with her science and writing powers combined, Gemma created this site to break through the jargon and help us all see that Science is Simple.

George Fairbairn

Is the photographer extraordinaire behind the LEGO®️ images and animations you’ll see on the site.

LEGO®️ is a trademark of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorise or endorse this website.

Collaboro Marketing

Collaboro Marketing

This great team understood Gemma’s vision and goals then generated marketing solutions that work in the real world. Brilliant branding, creative campaigns and sound marketing strategy.

Lightseid Ltd

Powered the web design and uses digital tech to turn ideas into reality. The frontend looks good and the backend works superbly!


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